Installing Oracle

Before installing the Serena Release Automation server, install an Oracle database. If you are evaluating Serena Release Automation, you can install the database on the same machine where the Serena Release Automation server will be installed.

When you install Serena Release Automation, you will need:

Serena Release Automation supports the following editions:

Version 10g or later is supported for each edition.

To install an Oracle database:

  1. Download and install the JDK–not a JRE–that corresponds to your operating system (see

  2. Download the Oracle JDBC driver specific to the database edition you are using (see and save in your Apache-Tomcat libs folder.

  3. Install the JDBC driver.

  4. Create the Oracle database by executing the following commands:

    CREATE USER serena_ra;


  5. Begin server installation, see Server Installation.

    Select the Oracle database option in the installer.

  6. Provide the Oracle JDBC driver (see step 2).

  7. Provide the JDBC driver class Serena Release Automation will use to connect to the database.

    The default value is:


  8. Provide the JDBC connection string. The format depends on the JDBC driver. Typically, it is similar to:


    For example:


  9. Finish by entering the database username and password.


The schema name must be the same as the user name.