Installing MySQL

Before installing the Serena Release Automation server, install MySQL. If you are evaluating Serena Release Automation, you can install the database on the same machine where the Serena Release Automation server will be installed.

When you install Serena Release Automation, you will need the MySQL connection information, and a user account with table creation privileges.

To install the MySQL database:

  1. Create a database by executing the following commands:

    CREATE DATABASE serena_ra;

    GRANT ALL ON serena_ra * TO 'serena_ra'@'%'


  2. Obtain the MySQL JDBC driver.

    The JDBC jar file is included among the MySQL installation files. The driver is unique to the edition you are using.

  3. Begin server installation, see Server Installation.

    Select the MySQL database option in the installer.

  4. Provide the MySQL JDBC driver (see step 2).

    The default value is com.mysql.Driver.

  5. Provide the JDBC connection string. Typically, it is similar to:


    For example:

    jdbc:mysql://localhost:3306/Serena Release Automation

  6. Finish by entering the database username and password.