Creating Snapshots

To create a snapshot:

  1. Display the New Application Snapshot pane Home > Application > Snapshots > Create New Snapshot.

  2. Enter the name of your snapshot in the Name field.

  3. In the Process Version Locking field, specify how you want Serena Release Automation to select component processes:

    Always use Latest Version

    Default. Use the most recently defined component process version for each component in the application.

    Lock to Current Versions

    Use the current component process version for each component.

  4. For each component in the application, you can specify which version to use:

    Add Version

    Enables you to select any version in Codestation for the component.

    Copy From Environment

    Uses the currently deployed (in this environment) component version.

    Remove All

    Removes all deployed component versions from this environment.

  5. Instead of specifying a version for each component, you can use the most recently deployed version (in this environment) for each component in the application by using the Copy All From Environment button.

If you want to discard any selected component versions, use the Clear All Components button.