Importing Applications

When you import an application, you can create an entirely new application or upgrade an existing one. Components—including their properties and processes—associated with the application are also imported (if available to the importing server). For information about templates associated with imported components, see Importing/Exporting Components.


If imported components have the Import Versions Automatically parameter set to true, Serena Release Automation will automatically import component versions as long as the artifacts are accessible to the importing server.

To import an application:

  1. Display the Import Application dialog (Applications > Import Application [button]).

  2. Enter the path to the JSON file containing the application definition or use the Browse button to select one.

  3. If you want to upgrade an existing application, check the Upgrade Application check box. To create a new application, leave the box unchecked.

    If the application's name in the JSON file (not the name of the file itself) matches an existing application, the application's parameters are updated with new values, and new items—such as processes, environments, and components—are added. If the name is not found, the command has no effect.


    The application's name is the first parameter in the JSON file. For example:

    "name": "helloWorldApplication",

  4. Specify how imported components should be handled with the Component Upgrade Type drop-down box. For these options, the components must be on the importing server.

  5. Click Submit.