Installing Serena Release Automation

A basic configuration consists of a server, a database, and at least one agent. In production environments, all three should be installed on separate machines.

The following table summarizes basic installation steps. Related topics are listed below the table.

Installation Steps table

Step Description
1. Review installation recommendations Requirements and recommendations, including performance recommendations, are provided.
2. Download Serena Release Automation installation files Download the server, agent, agent relay, and CLI client (command line interface) installation packages. Installation files can be downloaded from the Serena Release Automation support portal If you are installing an evaluation version, the license is included with the downloaded files. For evaluations, the agent relay (used to communicate with remote networks) and the CLI client can be skipped. At a minimum, an installation must have the server, a database, and at least one agent.
3. Install the database Create an empty database for Serena Release Automation. Serena Release Automation supports Oracle, MySQL, and Microsoft SQL Server. For installation information, see Database Installation.


The installation package includes a lightweight database—Derby—that can be used for evaluation purposes.

4. Install the server For installation information, see Server Installation. You will need to supply values for the IP address, ports for HTTP communication (secured and unsecured), port for agent communication, and URL. The installation program provides default values for many parameters. The properties set during installation are recorded in the file located in the server_install/conf/server/ directory. If you intend to turn on SSL, see SSL Configuration.
5. Install agents

Agents are installed on target machines and communicate with the server. When installing an agent, you supply several values defined during server installation. See Agent Installation for instructions about installing agents. An agent requires various access privileges for the machine where it is installed, which are described in that section.

6. Confirm installation

Start the server and agents. For information about running the product, see Running Serena Release Automation. To determine if the agent is in communication with the server, display the web application's Resource pane. A value of Online in the agent's Status field means the agent is successfully connected.