Approval Process

An approval process enables you to define the job that needs approved and the role of the approver. An approval process must be created if the Requires Approval check box is selected when creating/editing an environment. If a scheduled deployment requiring approval reaches its start time without approval given, the process will not run and act as a rejected request. To resubmit a request, you must request a new process. If an approval-requesting process does not have a scheduled deployment time, the process will remain idle until a response has been made.

Creating an Approval Process

To create an approval process, display the Approval Process Design Pane.

Home>Applications>[Application_Name]>Environments>Environment: [Environ_Name>]Approval Process

Once the pane is displayed, select the steps that need approval from the process editor. The steps are based on job type and the role of the approver. You have the option of selecting three job types: the Application, Component, and/or Environment. For help using the process editor see Process Editor.

Reviewing Status

To view the status of the request, display the Deployment Detail pane on the Reports tab. If a request has been approved it will display as success. However, if the request was rejected it will show failed. If a request is failed display the Application Process Request by clicking view request.

If a comment has been made regarding the process, you can view it by clicking the log button in the actions column on the Application Process Request.