Relocating Codestation

By default, the data tier's log files and Codestation artifacts are stored in the var subdirectory within the Serena Release Automation server directory. Ideally, this data should be stored on robust network storage that is regularly synchronized with an off-site disaster recovery facility. In addition, the Serena Release Automation server should have a fast network connection to storage (agents do not need access to the storage location). In Unix environments, you can use symbolic links from the var subdirectory to network storage. On Windows platforms there are several options for redirecting logs and artifacts, including mklink (supported in Windows 7 and later).

If you want to relocate Codestation, relocate both the var directory as well as the \logs\store directory. A good rule-of-thumb for determining Codestation storage requirements is: average artifact size * number of versions imported per day * average number of days before cleanup

Distributed teams should also take advantage of Serena Release Automation location-specific Codestation proxies to improve performance and lower WAN usage.