Displaying Serena Dashboard Synonyms

Once you have completed installation of Serena Dashboard as documented in the Serena Dashboard Installation and Configuration Guide, you can open any of the master files provided with Serena Dashboard from WebFOCUS Developer Studio. The master files (.mas) store the synonym and table definitions, mapping data from columns is the data source tables to fields in the synonym tables.

To display and work with master files:

  1. Open WebFOCUS Developer Studio.

  2. In the Explorer view, under WebFOCUS Environments, expand the Dashboard environment (or localhost, however it is defined), expand EDASERVE.

  3. From here, you can open the \Applications folder and see all of the files for specific WebFOCUS applications. For example, under \developmentmanagerdashboard, you see all of the master files for the Development Manager metrics under the Master Files folder.


  4. Each of the .mas / .acx file-pairs in this folder corresponds to a synonym, and stores the table definitions for that synonym. Double-click any of the .mas files to view the tables included in the synonym. For example, double-click ALMBaselineData to display the contents of the ALMBaselineData synonym.

  5. From the open synonym file, click the Modeling tab to see the representations of tables.


  6. This synonym includes two tables that map to data from the Development Packages process app in Serena Development Manager.

In this way, you can see for yourself the synonyms included with Serena Dashboard and review the data that each synonym can provide. This document provides a thorough overview of this data, however it does not list every column in every table; you may find that by exploring the synonyms directly you can find everything you need to build new metrics.