Installing Serena Dashboard

Once you have installed the IBI WebFOCUS server, you are ready to install Serena Dashboard.

To install Serena Dashboard:

  1. Download, unzip and run the installer executable for your platform. The installer will detect that you have the IBI WebFOCUS server installed.

  2. Click through the installer.

  3. For most scenarios you can accept all of the default options. You may choose to customize the installation location, or opt out of installing the included sample metrics. We recommend that you install the sample metrics in order to see examples with data pulled from SBM and other sources.

  4. Restart the Serana Common Tomcat (from the Windows Services dialog box, this is the Serena Common Tomcat service).

  5. To verify that installation was successful, In a web browser, enter the following URL


and log in using the default user name admin with password serena. Make sure to change this user name as soon as possible once you have set up new users.