Importing Metrics to Serena Dashboard

You must import the out-of-box metrics to Serena Dashboard to display metrics on your Serena Orchestrated ALM solutions. For example, if you are using Serena Release Manager in your organization, you must import the Release Manager metrics. You can also import new, custom metrics files.

You can import metrics from the IBI WebFOCUS Server, or manually add metrics. You can also define and manage the attributes associated with each metric. You can import metrics individually, or import whole packages of metrics (in zip files) at one time.

Metrics files are available to import that are located under the root application directory (by default, c:\ibi\apps).

After importing, you can reorganize your metrics as needed into different packages.

If you want to learn more about creating your own metrics in WebFOCUS Developer Studio, please see Basic Customization.