Customizing Your Dashboard Views

You can create views that display specific metrics. This allows you to customize your experience with Serena Dashboard so that when you log in, the first thing you see is whatever is most important for you. You can save multiple views with different metrics suited to different purposes, and lay out the metrics in the views however you like.

To set up your own custom view:

  1. You must first add a new view to My Favorites. You dan do this is either of the following ways:

  2. From here, you can set the following:

  3. Under Metrics, you can see a pane representing the view. You can add and arrange metrics in this pane to modify the layout of the view. click the Add button. to add a new metric. A box appears representing the placement of a metric on the page.

  4. Click and drag on the title bar on any metric box in order to move the metric to a different location in the view.

  5. Click on the bottom or side walls of a metric and drag to resize it.

  6. Click the Edit icon on any of the metric boxes and select the metric you want to display in this box. Click OK.

  7. Repeat these steps until you have chosen and arranged all of the metrics you want for this view.

  8. Click OK to save changes.