Table Reference

You can use the columns in this table to build your own metrics on deployment data.



Provides data about deployment activities as a whole; each record in this table includes information on associated release packages, requests, deployment units, stage in the deployment lifecycle, the type of deployment activity, the state of the associated deployment task, etc.


SBM schema.


Primary key. Deployment ID.

Current state of the deployment task.

IDs of associated release packages, from the USR_RELEASE_PACKAGE table.

Associated application, from the USR_RELATED_DEPLOY_UNIT table.

Associated request for a release, from the USR_RELATED_REQUESTS table.

Associated deployment unit from the USR_RELATED_DEPLOY_UNIT table.

Current release stage, from the USR_RELEASETYPE_STAGE table.

Automation type.

Type of deployment task: manual, approval, vault, or automation.

States in the deployment task.

Primary owner of the deployment process.

The deployment process template.

Type of release vault, such as CM or ZMF.