Test Execution Status Metric

This section shows you how to configure a test execution status metric.

  1. Open the Quality Center web UI.

  2. Under Releases, create a release and a Cycle under the release



  3. Select Test Plan and create a set of test cases. This is a library of test cases to be used in test runs. For example:


  4. Select Test Lab and create a folder for the test sets, for example QLARIUS. The name of this folder will be displayed on the Dashboard.

  5. Assign a cycle to this folder.

    Only after creating this reference will the Dashboard display the current new folder.


  6. Create a test set, for example Iteration 1.

  7. Select the test set and click Select Tests.

  8. Run the tests (or change their Status)




    NOTE  The names of the test sets are not displayed on the metric, only the name of the parent folder. The metric will display the summary of all the test sets under a folder.

  9. Set the database value in the ALMTestData access file.



    NOTE  HP Quality Center creates a new database for every new project, so the metrics access files need to have the correct full table name for a project.

    1. Obtain the name of the database from QC Administrator:


    2. Edit the file ALMTestData.acx and set the name of the database in the TABLENAME parameter to this name.


  10. If everything is configured correctly, you should be able to display a test execution graph in the Serena Dashboard