Installing IBI WebFOCUS Server

The Serena Dashboard is built on the IBI WebFocus platform. A prerequisite of installing the Dashboard is that you must first install:

Later on, after installing Serena Dashboard, you will need to install:

There is a copy of the server installation Guide, server_install.pdf, you can download from Serena providing you with the content you need to install the IBI WebFOCUS platform.

After you have installed the IBI WebFOCUS components, you can display many more documentation resources from shortcuts in your start menus. Please consult these resources to learn more. You can also view and download IBI documentation from the IBI web site at:

Generally, running a simple installation of the IBI WebFOCUS components and accepting all defaults should support most basic configurations. Make sure to make a note of your administrative account as you will need it later. That said, we strongly recommend that you consult the installation documentation, which is provided as part of the IBI WebFOCUS downloads.

To install IBI WebFOCUS Server:

  1. Make sure there are no existing servers running on your system like Tomcat, IBI WebFOCUS, etc.

  2. Unzip the file corresponding to your operating system:

  3. run setup.exe for the server.