Setting the RDBMS to MS MSQL

If Serena Business Manager, Dimensions CM, and Quality Center are running on MS SQL, you must add new MS SQL adapters from the WebFOCUS Web Console.

  1. From a browser, enter the following URL to get to the IBI WebFOCUS server:  


  2. Select Adapter and, under Available, expand the SQL folder and then open the MS SQL Server folder.

  3. Double-click your MS SQL platform to add a new adapter for Serena Business Manager, Dimensions CM, or Quality Center.

  4. Complete all of the connection details and click Configure to add the new adapter configuration.

  5. Repeat these steps until you have MS SQL adapters defined for all of your systems.

  6. On the Dashboard server, locate and run the file dvmcfg.bat. In a typical installation, this resides under the following directory:

  7. Choose MS SQL.

  8. Back in the WebFOCUS Web Console, refresh the adapters view to display the updates.