Setting Up New Views

To create and configure a new view:

  1. Log into Serena Dashboard as an administrator.

  2. Select Administration | Views.

  3. Click the Add button, or to modify an existing view, select the view and click the Edit button.

  4. Enter a title and description for the view.

  5. Under Attributes, set the correct values for any view attributes. See Defining and Managing View Attributes for more information.

  6. Under Metrics in View, you can see an empty pane representing the view. You need to add metrics to this pane to start laying out the view. click the Add button. A box appears representing the placement of a metric on the page.

  7. Click and drag on the box in order to move the metric to a different location in the view.

  8. Click on the walls of the metric and drag to resize it.

  9. Under Selected Metric, Select the metric you want to display in this box. Optionally enter a title, or leave the Title field blank to use the default title as defined in the metric.

  10. Repeat these steps until you have chosen and arranged all of the metrics you want for this view.

  11. Under Access Level, choose who will be able to see this view. You can hide it, limit access to users with Administration privileges, restrict it to members of a specific group, or make it visible to all users.

  12. Click OK.