Importing Packages of Metrics to Serena Dashboard

A package in Serena Dashboard is simply a collection, or category, or metrics. You can import many metrics at one time as part of a zipped package, or create new packages into which you can organize your metrics. A package is useful, for example, to categorize all metrics that belong to a particular solution. For example, all metrics for Serena Release Manager belong to one package, whereas all metrics for Serena Development Manager belong to another package. You can also assign attributes to packages, to store additional needed data about the packages.

Importing a Package

To import a package:

  1. Log in to Serena Dashboard as an administrator.

  2. Display the Administration | Packages view.

  3. Click the Import from Server button to display a list of packages that are available to import.

  4. Select a package and click Import. For example, select the Development Manager package to import data on Serena Development Manager.