Importing Metrics to Serena Dashboard

You can import new, custom metrics files to Serena Dashboard. This is necessary if you have built new metrics using WebFOCUS. You can then organize imported metrics into packages to categorize them according to their purpose, project, or group ownership.

You can import metrics as a package (in a zip file) from the server, or add individual metrics files.

To import metrics files from the WebFOCUS server, the files must first be located under the root application directory (by default, c:\ibi\apps).

If you want to learn more about creating your own metrics in WebFOCUS Developer Studio, please see Basic Customization.

Importing Packages of Metrics to Serena Dashboard

To import a package:

  1. Log in to Serena Dashboard as an administrator.

  2. Display the Administration | Packages view.

  3. Click the Import from Server button to display a list of packages that are available to import.

  4. Select a package and click Import. For example, select the Development Manager package to import data on Serena Development Manager.

  5. On the Package Settings screen, enter a title, version, and description, and select the access level. Click Install Package to complete the import.

Importing Individual Metrics

You can import individual metrics from the IBI WebFOCUS server. To do this, the metric (.fex) file must exist in on of the application directories on the WebFOCUS server (by default, under c:\ibi\apps). When you successfully import a metric, Serena Dashboard displays information about the WebFOCUS synonym and data adapter that the metric uses.

To import a metric:

  1. Log into Serena Dashboard as an administrator.

  2. Select Administration | Metrics | Add.

  3. Enter a title and description.

  4. Optionally, choose a package to which to add the metric.

  5. Select an access level to determine who should have access to the metric.

  6. If there are any metadata fields, complete them as needed.

  7. Under Source, select Metrics Server. This enables you to import metrics that reside under an application directory on the server.

  8. Select an application. The Metric File list is populated with a list of all metrics available under the selected application directory.

  9. Select a metric.

  10. Select the Resizeable option if you want users to have the ability to expand the viewing size of the metric.

  11. Click OK.

  12. Select the Administration | Metrics view.

  13. Confirm that the metric you just imported appears here.