Importing Individual Metrics

You can import individual metrics from the IBI WebFOCUS server. To do this, the metric (.fex) file must exist in the application directories on the WebFOCUS server (by default, c:\ibi\apps). When you successfully import a metric, Serena Dashboard displays information about the WebFOCUS synonym and data adapter that the metric uses.

To import metrics:

  1. Log into Serena Dashboard as an administrator.

  2. Select Administration | Metrics | Import From Server. A list of all available .fex files on the IBI WebFOCUS server appears.

  3. Select the metrics that you wish to import, and click Import Selected Metrics.

  4. Select the Administration | Metrics view.

  5. The metric you just imported appears here. Select it and click the Edit button.

  6. From this screen, you can add the metric to a package, enter a description, copy and paste a direct URL to the metric, display information about the synonym and data adapter that the metric uses, and set access level for the metric.

  7. Click OK.