Ensuring the JSCOM3 Listener is Enabled

JSCOM3 is a listener installed with the WebFOCUS Reporting Server that is used when the server creates Active Report Flash/Flex, graphics, accesses data sources through JDBC, or launches other Java processes. It normally uses the fourth port used by the server. By default, this is port 8123. Although not all WebFOCUS functionality requires JSCOM3, it is a good idea to ensure it is available.

To verify that the JSCOM3 listener is enabled:

  1. Open the WebFOCUS Web console by opening the following URL in a browser: http://<servername>:8121.

  2. Display Configuration Monitor | Java Services | DEFAULT. Right click and select Properties, then display Version and Path - Java Version.

  3. If the Status displays Starting and is not active for more than 10 seconds, then verify that the correct Java Version is in place and restart the WebFOCUS Server service.

  4. If you are planning to run Active Report Flash/Flex, ensure that enough memory for Java to compile Flash/Flex files is allocated to the JSCOM3 service. Perform the following steps to set the maximum Java heap size:

    1. Open the Web Console and navigate to Workspace Configuration.

    2. Right-click Java Services in the left pane and select Properties from the context menu.

    3. Click the JVM Settings tab.

    4. In the Maximum Java Heap Size field, enter an appropriate value in Megabytes (Mb).

      512 Mb should be a sufficient value, however this depends on how much memory is available on the machine that is hosting the server.

    5. Click Save and Restart Java Services.