Changing the Port Number for Serena Dashboard

Follow these steps to change the port number Serena Dashboard runs on, under its Tomcat installation, from the default of 8080.

To change the port number:

  1. Open server.xml in a text or XML editor. By default, this file resides under C:\Program Files\Serena\Common\tomcat\6.0\conf. If you have installed the Serena Tomcat server elsewhere, locate the file in that directory.

  2. Locate all instances of the following parameter:
    And update it to the correct port number.

  3. Save the server.xml file.

  4. Restart the Serena Tomcat service.

  5. Enter the Dashboard login URL with the new port number in a browser window and verify that the login screen appears correctly:

For example, if the server name is dashboard and the port number is 9090, enter: