Working with Projects

A project is the common thread that ties your information and resources together and provides a high-level workflow from start to end. From the project, you can access all of the associated SBM, Requirements Manager, and Development Manager artifacts, as well as the Dimensions RM, Dimensions CM, and TestDirector resources to which they refer.

The details referenced in this procedure are based upon the default out-of-box configuration. The specifics of your implementation may differ.

To view or modify a project:

  1. Click the Projects button to display a list of available projects.

  2. Select a project in the list to open it for work.

  3. To edit the properties that were set when the project was created, click the Edit link next to the project name. An Update dialog appears with fields similar to those of the Create New Project dialog.

  4. To advance the project to the next state in the workflow, click the button with the next transition's name on it just below the display of the current state. In the image above, the current state is Inception and the next available transition is Begin Elaboration.

  5. View or modify the content of the project's tabs as needed: