Startup and Shutdown

Console Commands

The SERSERVC HTTP server can be started and stopped using standard console commands in SDSF. To start the server, enter:


The server can be stopped (cancelled) from SDSF at any time. To stop the server, enter:


IPL Startup

However, SERSERVC is designed for high availability. When testing is complete, consider adding SERSERVC to the list of started tasks that are brought up at IPL time.

Orderly Shutdown

It does no harm to cancel SERSERVC with a console command, but orderly shutdown is the preferred method. To initiate an orderly shutdown of the server, type


at the TSO command line. You should receive the response ok.

During an orderly shutdown, SERSERVC copies its message log (msglog), error log (stderr), and standard output (stdout) to SYSOUT * before terminating execution.