Workflow Reference

Each major aspect of a release, from the Release Train level to the Deployment Task level, has a lifecycle associated with it. The default release process lifecycles in Serena Release Manager are based on typical release workflows.

The states in the lifecycle reflect the actions users take in Serena Release Control as they work with release information. The workflow information is reflected in the actions that appear on the user interface. As you use Serena Release Control, the user interface leads you through the workflow, so you always know the state of the release objects and what actions are pending.

This section gives a reference of workflows provided in the default version of Serena Release Manager. The workflows implemented for your organization may be customized so that they differ from these. The most reliable way to analyze your workflows is to open them in SBM Composer.

Workflow Relationships

Release Train Workflow

Application Release Workflow

Release Package Workflow

Deployment Task Workflows

Deployment Process Template Workflow

Environment Workflow