User Interface Display Issues

If the Serena Release Control user interface and data doesn’t appear as it should, here are some possible symptoms and solutions.

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You can’t view something you created or added

If you add something and it doesn't appear in the place it should in the UI, or information you expect to see in a view does not appear, you may not have proper privileges, roles, or ownership set for Serena Release Control in SBM.


Some of the UI elements are missing

If your UI looks correct, but some elements, such as the spell check icon, do not appear, ensure that you have put the files in the SBM database during the installation, upgrade, or after customizing and redeploying the process apps.

The UI shows outdated elements

If your user interface retains elements from a prior release of RLM after an upgrade, new installation, or customization, you may need to clear and refresh your browser cache. This occurs because certain UI elements are stored in the browser cache for faster refresh time.

Release trains are not appearing on the Calendar page

If your release trains do not appear on the calendar, make sure that the following are true:

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