Slow Response Time

A number of factors can affect response time across the network. Some things to check if you are experiencing slow response time include the following.

Using a single physical Server for Serena Release Manager

If you install Serena Release Manager, all SBM server components, all Dimensions CM server components, and Serena Release Automation on the same physical server, you may experience slow response times. The performance of a single server configuration depends on the physical memory allocation to the server, processor type and speed, level of application usage, and network configuration factors such as routing to client machines and network latency.

In medium to large organizations, heavy usage of these applications can have a negative impact on performance. For optimal response time and end user productivity, Serena suggests a minimum of four servers be used for the Serena Release Manager suite.

For example, a recommended architecture is to install SBM, Dimensions CM, and Serena Release Automation on separate physical servers and make use of a dedicated database server to house the SBM database and the Dimensions CM database.

For small scale usage, testing, and proof of concept purposes, installing the entire suite on a single high specification server should not pose a problem.

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