Create Release Fails with a Check Uniqueness Error

When you try to create a release train, application release, or release package, the operation may fail with an error similar to the following:

Error occurred during web service invocation:

SOAP Fault Code: env:Client

SOAP Fault String: checkUniquness: Blank: The error occurred during the execution of the orchestration workflow.

If you receive this error even though the name and version are unique, this means the check uniqueness call is failing. This is the first Web services call in the orchestration workflow, so this message could simply mean that there is a problem with the Web services.

The Web services are using the wrong port number

The check uniqueness error may indicate that the Serena Release Manager Web services are defined for a different port number than the one on which the Serena Common Tomcat services are currently running. If you are using a non-default port number (not 9095), this message may indicated that you have not changed the port number in all of the Web services WSDLs.

An incorrect version of the Web services is present

Make sure that the correct version of the rlm.war file is installed under the Serena common Web services and that no older version of the rlm.war file is present in the ..\Serena\common\tomcat\6.0\webapps folder. You can use the RLM Configurator to see if the Web services are running.

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