Cannot log into Serena Release Control

If the Test Connection is successful when you configure the destination endpoints for the snapshots but Serena Release Control fails to appear in SBM, verify that the Serena Release Manager service is running in the common Tomcat Web server.

Verifying the Web Services Connection

To verify the Serena Release Manager Web Services in Apache Tomcat:

  1. In your Web browser, browse to the home page for your Tomcat installation. For example:


    The Serena Common Tools page appears.

    If you do not see this page, the common Tomcat Web server is not running or you may have entered an incorrect host and port number combination.

  2. After you have verified that the Serena Common Tools Web server is running, browse to the rlm subdirectory of your Tomcat installation. For example:


  3. Log into the Serena Release Manager Configurator.

  4. In the navigation pane, click List Services.


Verify that the Serena Release Manager Web services are listed and in active status as follows:

If any of these are not active, double-check your configuration for that Web service and start the Web service.