Serena Release Manager Runtime Communication

A high-level understanding of the flow of communication between the products in the Serena Release Manager suite will help you better understand the system information that you are required to configure.

The flow of communication between products in the Serena Release Manager suite is shown in the following figure.


All communication for Serena Release Manager goes through the Serena Release Manager Web services and supporting programmatic layers, collectively referred to as ALM Foundation Services (AFS), and SBM, with support from Application Lifecycle Framework (ALF) events for Dimensions CM, ChangeMan ZMF, and Serena Release Automation communication.

AFS and ALF are Serena frameworks that provide the communication layer between integrating products.



NOTE  SSO configuration is ON to allow the communication to flow between SBM and Dimensions CM without prompting for additional sign-on information. This is required for the communication between SBM and Dimensions CM to work correctly.