Creating an Administrative User

The Serena Release Manager administrative user is used to execute many Serena Release Manager background activities and is used for communication with integrating products.

If you don’t already have an administrative user that you want to use with Serena Release Manager, create one now using SBM Application Administrator.

To create the administrative user in SBM:

  1. Navigate to SBM Application Administrator and its Administrator portal as follows:

    1. Login to the SBM User Workspace as an administrative user who has privileges to update users.

    2. Click the Administrator icon in the SBM User Workspace.

  2. In the Administrator portal, click the Users icon.

  3. Create the user according to SBM Application Administrator documentation.



    TIP  A quick way to create an administrative user is to select an existing administrative user, such as admin, and copy that user to a new user name, such as rlmadmin. Edit rlmadmin to give the additional unique privileges needed for Serena Release Manager.



NOTE  A matching administrative user ID must be set up in Dimensions CM, because single sign-on is required for the communication to work. A similar TSO user ID is required if you are implementing ChangeMan ZMF with Serena Release Manager.