Configuring the Dashboard Page

To configure your Dashboard page to show the multi-view dashboard report, configure the dashboard as follows.

  1. In SBM Application Administrator, from the Administrator portal click the Users icon.

  2. In the list of users, select the Login ID for the user you want to configure and click Details.

  3. In the navigation pane, click User Preferences.

    The Content page appears.

  4. In the Home Page section:

    1. Deselect Show Launch Page.

    2. In the Applications field, select ReleaseTrain.

    3. In the Home Page Report field, select Base Project: Dashboard.

  5. Click Save.



TIP  Clear your browser cache if Serena Release Control has been run from your browser on this machine before to ensure that your user interface is displaying the most current shell elements.

Documentation References

Complete documentation on managing user preferences in SBM is in the Serena Business Manager Application Administrator Guide in "User Preference Settings".