Configuring Access to the Release Manager Configurator

Before anyone can log into the Serena Release Manager Configurator, you must add user IDs to the authorized list in the file. Typically this list would include only your Serena Release Manager administrators or users with similar roles.

To update the authorized list of users:

  1. Navigate to the Serena Release Manager common Tomcat Web server classes folder. For example:

    C:\Program Files\Serena\common\tomcat\6.0\webapps\rlm\WEB-INF\classes

  2. Open the file.

  3. Set the properties for the connection as follows:

    rlm.config.service.authdUsers=<list of user IDs>

    where <list of user IDs> is a list of Serena Release Manager (SBM) user IDs delimited by commas. For example:


  4. Restart the Serena common Tomcat service.