Installation Prerequisites

Before installing any of the products in the Serena Release Manager suite, please see their respective installation and configuration guides.

Preparing for Serena Product Installation

Before you install the Serena Release Manager suite of products, make sure you have completed the prerequisites as follows:

Before you install Serena Business Manager, please see the “Pre-installation Checklist” section of the Serena Business Manager Installation and Configuration Guide.

You must complete the installation for Serena Business Manager before beginning the installation for Serena Release Control.

Before you install Dimensions CM, please see the “Fresh Installations Checklist” section of the Serena Dimensions CM Installation Guide for your operating system.

If you are evaluating Serena Release Manager, Serena License Manager is not required.

The installer for Serena Release Control automatically installs additional supporting software, such as a common Tomcat Web server.



NOTE  If you are using ChangeMan ZMF for your vault, you will need a supported installation of ChangeMan ZMF.