Configuring the Calendars

Serena Release Control provides two calendar views, a Gantt view and a regular calendar view. Both view use the Release Trains in Gantt report by default.

What Can You Change?

You can change the information displayed on the calendars as follows:

What is the Impact?

If you change the calendar report or templates, the calendar pages change accordingly.

How Do You Change It?

To change the Gantt view report:

  1. From the Serena Release Control standard SBM user interface, click the RTrain tab.

  2. Select Reports from the navigation pane and search for reports with Gantt in the title.

  3. Under Release Train New Project (Release Train), select Release Trains in Gantt and then click Modify Listing for that report.

  4. Expand Additional Options and look at the Optional HTML Template field.

    This lists the HTML page for the selected report. The default template is:


  5. Change the report selections and the corresponding HTML template as needed.



    NOTE  When the calendar page is displayed in the shell, the HTML template used for the page changes dynamically from ganttview.htm to calendar.htm based on the selection of the associated button, Gantt View or Calendar View.

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