Managing Release Control Users

Before your Serena Release Manager users begin logging into Serena Release Control, you must configure the user information in SBM, which is used to:

Adding Users and Groups

You add users and groups as you would normally do in SBM.

What Can You Change in Release Manager?

User and group changes are done in native SBM.

What Can You Change in SBM?

You can change the following user information:

What is the Impact?

If an individual user is selected as a primary owner of a release item, and that user is removed, you must select another user as owner before the item can be progressed in the workflow.

If you add a role in SBM, If you change or add roles, you must also:

How Do You Change It?

You should manage users according to the SBM documentation.

Documentation References


The default roles defined in Serena Release Control are Release Manager and Release Engineer. Typical release management roles are shown in the following table for your reference:

Role Name


Application Owner

The business owner of an application. An application owner is responsible for approving an application release during the planning stage and receives notifications of application release status.

Build Manager

The role that performs builds for a release. This role may also be the Installation Manager in some organizations.

Change Manager

The role that is responsible for the IT Operations for the systems where the pre-production and production release environments reside. A change manager approves deployment into pre-production and production environments.

Development Manager

The role that is responsible for and approves development activities for a release. A development manager would typically be consulted during the release management process and provide approval on the content of a release package.

Installation Manager

The role that ensures that the deployment, or installation, of a release is done correctly and completely. An installation manager is assigned manual deployment tasks in Serena Release Control and is responsible for deployment of request packages into environments.

This role may also be the Build Manager in some organizations.

QA Manager

The role that is responsible for and approves testing activities for a release.

Release Engineer

The role that is responsible for the automating the release deployment and resolving any deployment failures. A release engineer creates deployment tasks for release packages using Serena Release Automation.

This role may be the Installation Manager or Build Manager in some organizations.

Release Manager

The role that is responsible for releases within a particular organization. A release manager manages and monitors releases, plans releases in collaboration with development managers, and responds to successes, failures, and other statuses.