Configuring Objects in ChangeMan ZMF

Serena Release Manager uses several objects that your ChangeMan ZMF administrators configure as part of the ongoing use of ChangeMan ZMF in addition to some that must be configured specifically to support Serena Release Manager.

Objects that you will ordinarily already have set up as part of your normal administration and use of ChangeMan ZMF are as follows:

What Can You Change?

You can change any of the above information in ChangeMan ZMF, but not in Serena Release Manager. The only things that change in ZMF should be a result of ZMF vault and approval deployment tasks initiated by deploying a release package in Serena Release Manager.

What is the Impact?

If you update information in ZMF for the change packages for which you have initiated the installation from Serena Release Manager, you may impact the result in Serena Release Manager.

How Do You Change It?

ChangeMan ZMF administrators should change ZMF objects in ZMF according to the ZMF documentation.

Documentation References