Viewing My Inbox

As you manage and take action on your releases using Serena Release Control, items requiring your attention and those you are authorized to manage are listed on the My Inbox page.

You can do the following:

My Work Items: View and manage active work items owned by or assigned to you, such as:

Manage All Items: View and manage all active or inactive items for which you are authorized, such as:

To view and take action on items in your inbox:

  1. Navigate to the My Inbox page.

    For items that are assigned to you, use the My Work Items selections.

    For items that are not assigned to you, but for which you are authorized, use the Manage All Items selections.

  2. Click a link in the navigation pane, such as Deployment Tasks.

    A list of items for the category you have selected appear in the content pane.

  3. Click an item ID in the list.

The view of the item is displayed in the lower section of the content pane.




  • To close the list in the content pane and view only the item details, move your pointer over the middle section of the divider line until you see the pop-up text Close, and then click that section of the line.

  • To resize the view shown in the content pane window, move your pointer over anywhere on the divider line except the middle section until you see the pop-up text Resize, and then click and drag until the window is the size you want.