Copying Release Trains

In many organizations, release trains with a similar makeup of application releases are initiated at regular intervals over time. To make it easier to create items for these in Serena Release Control, you can make a copy of release train information.

You can copy part or all of the release train hierarchy as follows:

This excludes development change requests, deployment units, and deployment tasks.

To copy a release train:

  1. Navigate to a release train. For example, click Calendars in the toolbar menu and select a release train from the Calendars page.

  2. Click Make a copy.

    The copy form appears, pre-filled with information from the source release train.

  3. Select one of the Copy Options, such as:

  4. Change the information in the form as needed for the new release train.

    For example, you would usually change identifying information and schedule start and end dates.

  5. Click OK.

    The new release train view appears. The initial state is shown as Copying and will automatically move to Planning when all requested levels of the hierarchy are copied to the new release train.

  6. Click the Reload Item button (sbm_refresh_icon.png) to see the updated state.



NOTE  The copy processing is done in the background, or asynchronous mode, to allow you to continue working in Serena Release Control while the system is copying a release train hierarchy with many associations.