Creating ChangeMan ZMF Approval Deployment Tasks 

Approval deployment tasks integrate with ChangeMan ZMF to ensure all necessary approvals are given before a change package is deployed.

You can create an approval deployment task used to approve the deployment of a deployment unit for a release package into a particular stage environment.

You can do the following:

The sequence number is used to specify order of execution of the tasks associated with a request package. The vault deployment task is specific to a single stage.

To execute a vault deployment task for deployment of files stored in the ZMF vault, Serena Release Manager needs information on the approvers for each release stage.

Creating Approval Deployment Tasks

To create an approval deployment task:

  1. From a release package or deployment process template view, navigate to the Deployment tab and then select the Deployment tasks tab.

  2. Select a stage for which this task will be executed.

  3. Click Create Task.

    The Create Deployment Task dialog box appears.

  4. In Task Type, select ChangeMan ZMF approval.

    The Task Type: Approval form appears in the dialog box.

  5. Fill out the Approval form.

    For example:

    1. Enter Task name and Sequence number.

    2. Optionally enter a description.

    3. Click Get units to refresh the list of deployment units, or ZMF change packages, stored in the vault and then select a deployment unit.

    4. Click Get approvers to refresh the list of approvers for the selected deployment unit, and then select an approver.

    5. Select the primary and secondary owners for the task.

    NOTE  When you create a deployment task for a deployment process template, you may not be prompted for some of the details. These should be added later when you add the deployment tasks to a release package.

  6. Click OK.

Example of Approval Deployment Tasks

This example explains how you could set up ZMF deployment tasks using three levels of promotion approvers, one for each of the default release stages in Serena Release Manager.

Promotion Level Approver

10 – INT Integration Test Approver

20 – UAT UAT Approver

30 – PAT PAT Approver

Release Package Deployment Configuration

For every Major release package, you can configure the release packages to have the following deployment tasks.

Stage: Integration Test

  1. ZMF Deployment Task for promotion 10 – INT environment

  2. Manual validation task

  3. ZMF Approval Task for Integration Test Approver

Stage: User Acceptance Test

  1. ZMF Deployment Task for promotion 20 – UAT environment

  2. Manual validation task

  3. ZMF Approval Task for UAT Approver

Stage: Production Acceptance Test

  1. ZMF Deployment Task for promotion 30 – PAT environment

  2. Manual validation task

  3. ZMF Approval Task for PAT Approver