Creating Release Packages

You can create a release package by adding identifying details and associating change objects with it. You can enter the details and some of the associations during creation, then add the remaining associations by viewing the release package and selecting the desired options.

To create a release package:

  1. From an application release or from the Create Release page, select the option to create a release package.

    The Create Release Package form appears.

  2. Fill out the dialog box form.

    For example, you would fill out the default form as follows:

  3. Select one or more development change request projects. These are the projects from which development change requests can be associated with this release package, such as SBM projects for incidents or issues or Dimensions CM projects or streams.

  4. Select one or more deployment unit projects. These are the projects or streams from which deployment units can be associated with this release package, such as Dimensions CM baselines.

  5. Click OK.



    IMPORTANT!  You must select your projects for the release package associations, such as development change requests and deployment units, during the creation of the release package.