Deployment Task Execution

Once initiated by deployment of the release package, deployment task execution depends on the sequential ordering and the type of task: vault, automation, or manual. In the default implementation of Serena Release Manager, vault deployment tasks initiate pre-configured actions in your release vault, automation deployment tasks initiate pre-configured actions in Serena Release Automation, and manual tasks document and enforce any tasks that must be done manually before a release package can be deployed.

Vault and Automation Deployment Task Execution

Upon successful execution, vault and automation deployment tasks automatically move into the Completed state.

If a vault or automation deployment task process fails for any reason during execution, the deployment task moves into the Failed state and is listed in the current owner’s inbox, where the owner can take corrective action.

Manual Deployment Task Execution

Manual deployment tasks must be moved into Done or Failed state by the task owner through the associated user interface actions. A manual task must be manually done or deleted before the release package to which it is associated can be deployed to the specified stage or before the next deployment task in the sequence can be executed.