Primary Object Hierarchy

The hierarchical relationships between the primary Serena Release Manager objects are shown in the following figure.

Before you use Serena Release Manager, you should know the basic terminology as well as how the primary elements are related.



  • Release Trains provide a published schedule of changes to production. One or more application releases are associated with each release train.

  • Application Releases represent versions of applications or projects, where the application or project architecture is specified by components. One or more release packages are associated with each application release.

  • Release Packages represent a portion of IT or service infrastructure normally built, deployed, tested, and released together. Release packages define the set of changes to be deployed and drive the deployment processes. One or more development change requests and deployment units are associated with each release package.

  • Deployment Tasks are actions to be executed as part of the deployment process to deploy a Release Package into a specific environment. Deployment task types include manual, vault, and automation.