How Integrating Objects Relate to the Hierarchy

Serena Release Manager brings in information from integrating providers as needed to support your release control processes. Providers implemented in the default implementation include SBM, Serena Service Manager, Dimensions CM, and ChangeMan ZMF. Custom providers can be added by Serena Services or others as documented in the Serena Release Manager Installation and Configuration Guide.

Objects that are populated from these integrating providers are as follows.



  • Requests for Change represent operational changes that may affect multiple applications or implement system infrastructure changes within an enterprise. These are associated with release trains and are typically associated with tickets from service management systems such as Serena Service Manager.

  • Business Change Requests represent customer or business unit change requests that affect specific application releases. They are associated with application releases and are typically associated with tickets from help desk or incident management systems such as Serena Service Manager or other SBM solutions.