Example Release Workflows

The workflows that are implemented in the default version of Serena Release Manager are shown in context with the procedures to which they are related. A reference to each of the workflows is given in the following table.



NOTE  The implementation of the workflows in SBM include automatic transitions and states. For simplification, the representation of the workflows in this document shows only those transitions (actions) and states that require user interaction.

For the full SBM workflows for the Serena Release Manager process apps, see the Serena Release Manager Installation and Configuration Guide, "Workflow Reference" appendix.

Release Entity

Workflow Reference

Release Train

See Actioning Release Trains Through the Workflow.

Application Release

See Actioning Application Releases Through the Workflow.

Release Package

See Actioning Release Packages Through the Workflow.

Deployment Task

See Actioning Deployment Tasks Through the Workflow.

Deployment Process Template

See Actioning Deployment Process Templates Through the Workflow.


See Actioning Environments Through the Workflow