Re-ordering Deployment Tasks

After you have specified the deployment tasks and their sequence numbers, you may decide that the tasks should be done in a different order than you originally specified. You can re-order these as needed by overtyping the numbers or by using drag and drop.

To re-order tasks in a release package:

  1. From a release package or deployment process template view, navigate to the Deployment tab and then select the Deployment tasks tab.

  2. Click Re-order tasks.

  3. To explicitly specify the number, click the number in the sequence number column and overtype with the number you want.

  4. To re-order using drag and drop, do the following:

    1. Move your pointer over the Drag column icon (rlm_drag_icon.png) for the item you want to re-order.

    2. When you see the move symbol above the icon (rlm_move_icon.png), click and hold the icon as you drag the item to the desired position.

    3. Release the item in the desired position.

    The items are automatically renumbered according to the new positioning.

  5. Click OK.