Applying a Deployment Process Template to a Release Package

You can use a deployment process template in a release package to implement and standardize your release deployment processes. You first create the deployment process template for a specific stage and then apply it that stage in a release package.

In the default implementation of Serena Release Manager, if a deployment process template is in the Available workflow state, it can be accessed from each stage that is available for a release package.

For example, when you attempt to use a deployment process template for the INT stage of a release package, you can see and select from only those deployment process templates that are in the Available state and are associated with the INT stage.

See Approving Deployment Process Templates .



CAUTION!  When you use a template for a release package stage, any existing deployment tasks for that stage are overwritten by the deployment tasks from the deployment process template.



TIP  Plan ahead by creating your deployment tasks in deployment process templates first. Consider putting all possible tasks that will be needed for each stage of a particular application in deployment process templates. You can then apply them to the release package stages and tailor the deployment tasks at the release package level as needed.


To use a deployment process template:

  1. Navigate to the release package for which you want to use the deployment process template.

  2. Select the Deployment Tasks tab.

  3. Select the stage to which you want to apply the template’s deployment tasks.

  4. Click Use a template.

    The Use a template dialog box appears with a list of available deployment process templates.

  5. Select a deployment process template from the list.

  6. Click OK.