Specifying Selection Criteria for Dimensions CM Events and Objects

If you plan to use Dimensions CM to provide requests for your development change requests or baselines as your deployment units, you must configure the ALF events to filter the information to be sent to Serena Release Manager.

If you are using Dimension CM as your DCR or DU provider, you must also configure the Dimensions development change request and deployment unit provider information as documented in Provider Configuration.

To specify selection criteria for the Dimensions CM events and objects:

  1. Navigate to the Dimensions CM installation directory. For example:

    C:\Program Files\Dimensions\12.1\CM\dfs

  2. Update the ALF_EVENTS_CONFIG.XML file to specify your Dimensions CM database name, project name, baseline type, and deploy event.



   <!--         Specify a specific database      -->


     <!--     Example database name specification            


    (using the wildcard character "*")   -->


     <!--Specify one or more projects-->


      <!--Specify a specific  project-->


         <!-- Example project name specification      

         <project-spec> - <product-id>:<project-id>

        (using the wildcard character "*")         -->


       <!--Specify one or more object classes-->


           <!-- Specify a specific object class -->



         <!-- Example events to support for  above object class-->