Specifying ALF Event Manager Connection Information for ZMF

So that Serena Release Manager can receive information from ChangeMan ZMF through the ALF event manager, you must update the ALF event properties file used by the ZMF integration with sign-on credentials SBM uses for the connection.

NTFYURL sends information to the ALF event service URL, which then sends the events to the ALF event manager. The user ID and password of the SBM user that initiated the event must have access to all the SBM Serena Release Manager objects and must also be a valid user ID in ChangeMan ZMF.

To update the ZMF ALF connection information:

  1. Navigate to the Serena Release Manager common Tomcat Web server webapps\zmfalf\WEB-INF\conf folder. For example:

    C:\Program Files\Serena\common\tomcat\6.0\webapps\zmfalf\WEB-INF\conf

  2. Open the zmfalf_resource.properties file.

  3. Set the AE_USERID and AE_PASSWORD variables with the user ID and password of your Serena Release Manager administrative user.

  4. Set the properties for the connection to the ALF event manager as follows:




    URL to the SBM server where the ALF event manager Web services are installed, in the form of:



    User ID with access to the appropriate SBM projects and tables and ZMF applications controlled by Serena Release Manager. This user ID must exist in both SBM and ZMF.


    Password for the SBM user ID.


    Version of SBM. This is for documentary purposes only.

  5. Restart the Serena Common JBOSS and IIS Admin Service services.



# Property resource bundle file for Axi2 ZMF Service

# Used to configure Axis2 ZMF Service system properties.


ALF_EVENTMANAGERURL = http://sbmhost:8085/eventmanager/services/ALFEventManager


# The AE userid must have access to the appropriate SBM projects/tables and it must also have access to ZMF applications controlled by RLM.

AE_USERID = rlmadmin

AE_PASSWORD = rlmadmin_test