Configuring the Notification URL

You must give ChangeMan ZMF a way to tell Serena Release Manager when ChangeMan ZMF has completed a requested task. Since information from ZMF is sent through ALF and SERNET, you must configure the notification URL parameter for the SERNET started task on z/OS.

The NTFYURL parameter is a keyword option used with the SERNET started task. This parameter is required for notifying Serena Release Manager when an ALF event is emitted from ChangeMan ZMF.

There are three different ways of passing the NTFYURL parameter to SERNET.

Whichever method you choose to pass this parameter, it must be specified as follows:



where hostname is the server name where Serena Release Manager Web Services are installed and port is the port number for that server.

This parameter is case-sensitive; the non-variable text must be entered exactly as shown. Be sure to include the quotes around the variable string.





CAUTION!  If your site is a DP site, you must specify the same hostname and port for the DP site and the P site. If not, the P site will continue to wake up looking for work and will fill up the JESMSGLG (JES message log).


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