System Requirements

This section includes references to the system requirements for each of the products installed as part of the Serena Release Manager suite.

You should determine your organization’s specific needs using the detailed documentation for SBM, Dimensions CM, and Serena Release Automation as follows:


System Requirements Location

Serena Business Manager

"Hardware Requirements" in Serena Business Manager Installation and Configuration Guide.

Serena Release Control

Your SBM requirements address the requirements for Serena Release Control.

Serena Dimensions CM

  • The Serena Dimensions CM Supported Platforms at:

For details of supported platforms and third party integrations, select the link for your release.

  • The Dimensions CM Readme.

Serena Release Automation

"System Requirements" in Serena Release Automation Center Installation and Administration Guide.

ChangeMan ZMF (Optional)

"System Requirements" in Serena ChangeMan ZMF Installation Guide.

Server Requirements

For optimal performance, Serena recommends that SBM and Dimensions CM be installed on separate physical servers.